Flynn WD and Louis’ Reports on Stone Age Animals


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Flynn and Louis showed a really keen interest in the latest aspect of our topic work…stone age animals.

This is what they wrote about 3 of the animals we discussed…

Wooly Mammoth

The wooly mammoth had really long tusks. They are 2.5 metres long and really sharp. They had flat molars just like us humans. Wooly mammoths are known for living on dry land. They are just a bit bigger than an elephant.

Sabre Tooth Tiger

A sabre-tooth tiger has a bob-tail so it doesn’t run fast, it creeps up and then it pounces. They have really sharp canines that are 7 inches long. It looks like a nowadays tiger or jaguar. It’s a very, very good wrestler because it has got a thumb for grabbing.


A mastodon is nearly the same as a wooly mammoth. They both have a furry coat and long tusks. But, the difference is inside their mouths. A wooly mammoth’s molars are flat like ours but a mastodon’s are pointy like canines.

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Well done boys! Really love your descriptions.

Thank you for putting our reports on the

Thank you
It makes me feel proud

My mum is really proud of Me.
That was so cool.

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